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Winchester are you ready to MOVE BETTER. FEEL STRONGER. LIVE LONGER? Look no further than Onfirefitness!

The great thing about our small group training is just that. As we’re a small group we’re able to give you 1-1 advice and help on technique and development. It is really personal, without the price tag. No big classes of 30+ here, our groups are no bigger than 10.


How small is small?

No more than 10, it's a great number. Everyone is really friendly, mixed ages, all backgrounds. People have come to us to train for all manner of reasons. But generally it's that they realise that they need fitness in their lives, are not big fans of gyms, or large group training and want something more personal.

1-1 with a few more people

As we’re a small group we’re able to give you 1-1 advice and help on technique and development. So whilst this isn’t a completely bespoke 1-1 training session, it is really personal. We also offer lifestyle and nutritional advice too.

Who runs the classes?

Tim or Karlene will set a plan for the session and will work with you and your own personal goals. We can tailor the session, if you’re not feeling it, or if you’re carrying some pain or an injury. Nothing will be forced upon you. We don’t do that here.

Sounds great, where do you train?

We have a couple of key locations where we train in Winchester. One in Stanmore at the community hall where we are every Tuesday. And also a group session on Saturday morning. But as well as that we love to train outdoors as regularly as we can.

Small Group Training
- The Girevik Guild

Our training sessions are not your typical workout or fitness routine. We believe in varied but challenging sessions

We focus on the seven fundamental kettlebell movements, including deadlift, squat, swing, press, Turkish get-up, and weighted carries. These core movements will build your endurance, enhance your strength, and sharpen your fitness.

Beginners and first timers

Sessions: £12.50 each (£10.50 for 4 or more)

Contact us today and arrange your first FREE session.

Saturday 9:00 – 10:00am

Intermediate to advanced

Sessions: £12.50 each (£10.50 for 4 or more)

Tuesdays 6:30 – 7:30pm

Saturday 8:00 – 9:00am

More sessions to be added. Or we're flexible, if enough people can attend a session we'll run one. We can also run sessions for private groups, teams, clubs or businesses. Please contact us for more information.

Join us and become a stronger, more resilient version of yourself.

Girevik - Meaning, one who trains with kettlebells

A woman training with Tim

Contact Tim or Karlene today to talk about your fitness goals.

Jamie pressing a kettlebell

'it's amazing that you can still be humbled by a simple lump of metal.'

Tim and Karlene at Onfirefitness honestly know their stuff. And they actually, genuinely care - about you and your fitness. Their attitude and approach to training goes to show that you can absolutely still learn and progress, regardless of how many years you may have been training. They cater to all abilities. It’s amazing to see that you can still be humbled by a simple lump of metal. I can not recommend them enough!


How our Group training helps you…


A community feel and comradery.


You're not alone. Everyone has your back.


Support and encouragement from the group.


Train with like minded people just like you.


Group challenges and targets. Achieve your goals together.


Train at your own pace as a group. Stronger together.

'we are all welcome and our needs are taken care of..'

For me, kettlebells is all about challenge in a very supportive environment. The variety that the class offers keeps things fresh and exciting. Tim is keen to get us to try different movements whilst mastering the techniques and skill of the main swings and presses. Working in a friendly and supportive group has kept me going for four years. The team are welcoming and I never feel that I have to perform/keep up with others. We are able to work at our own pace.


Tim is so encouraging and you know that he is there beside you when you want to push to the next level. I have struggled with pressing a 12kg weight recently, so Tim is helping me to move forward with a simple program so that I can press the 12kg as standard. I find kettlebells to be about mindfulness and taking time for myself. I can focus on the moves, breathing and technique, leaving other thoughts to one side whether in a class or training at home. I love the flexibility it offers... not only for time, but also physically. I plan to move well, stay strong and live long by doing kettlebells.


Small Group Training

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