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Winchester are you ready to MOVE BETTER. FEEL STRONGER. LIVE LONGER? Look no further than Onfirefitness!

We believe in focusing on the individual. Our 1-1 progressive personal coaching is tailored to your specific needs. Offering 1-1 progressive personal coaching for those of you over the age of 40. Helping you to have fitness as part of your life. We also have a lot of experience working with individuals and families with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our bespoke programmes cover mobility, movement, flexibility, strength and overall fitness.


Whether you're looking to improve your fitness build strength, or simply feel better in your own skin, we're here to help.


I'm not a big fan of gyms

We love working with ordinary people, just like you. Those of you who find Gyms a little bit daunting. We work with men or women and you can train with either Tim or Karlene, or sometimes both of us - two for the price of one.

I'm too busy

The training is designed for those of you juggling busy work schedules and family commitments. If you’re not sure that you can fit a 1-1 personal trainer into your schedule, we’re here to help. We work around you and your schedule. What’s not to love.

Where do you train?

The beauty of a Ignite 1-1 Personal Training is that we can come to you. So if that’s after work and you’ve got some free time, or we can even come to your offices. We can come to your home, or you can come and train with us in multiple locations around Winchester.

I can't move like I used to

Our Ignite 1-1 Personal Training is great for those of you who find it hard to move, or have niggling pains or injury. We can help you become stronger, and being stronger helps ease pain and enables better movement. There's no such thing as too old.

£45 – £50 a session

Contact Tim or Karlene to discuss you needs and how we can help you. We can work around your busy schedule and cater to your personal needs by adjusting the training times. Whether you come to us or we come to you, we guarantee a warm welcome and an energizing experience that will make you want to come back for more.

Sessions: Training sessions are held 6 days a week and we can work around your busy schedule and cater to your personal needs by adjusting the training times or location.

Woman training with Tim
Ian a current Ignite Personal Training client

'If you want to level up your fitness give Onfirefitness a call.'

Competing in global Duathlon events, my aim was to enhance both my strength and endurance levels. Tim has been just the person to help me up my fitness game! With his expert knowledge and supportive mentorship, he has helped me to achieve my fitness goals. I could not recommend Tim enough. Be sure to give him a call if you want to level up your training!

Ian - Professional Duathlon Athlete

Contact Tim or Karlene today to talk about your fitness goals.

£35 a session

Don't feel it needs to be an hour session. More is not always better.


Anyone can find 30mins. Give us a call to disuss your requirements. Contact us today and arrange your  first session. You’ll be warmly welcomed, and we hope you’ll go home energised and keen to come back for more.

Jamie a current Ignite Personal Training client

How our Ignite 1-1 training helps you…


Fat loss and improved body composition.


Support and motivation from your team.


Feel stronger and healthier as a result.


Achieving your individual objectives.


Securing your future self by investing in your health today.


Feel more energised and Look better naked!

'we are all welcome and our needs are taken care of..'

On a regular basis I take part in classes run by husband and wife team Tim & Karlene. 


All of their classes are brilliant, they are well thought out, allow for a range of abilities (in one class), they are inclusive, full of fun and friendly.  The class name may be the same each week but each week the class content is always different from the week before.


They really care about what they deliver and the results that their clients get/want. People’s reason for being in each class is different for everyone, for some it could training for a marathon, recovering from a sports injury, wanting to get fitter or for others it may be just to have fun, be sociable and grab a coffee with workout buddies afterwards.  But whatever our reason for showing up we are all welcome and our needs taken care of, all within the same class. Our reasons for being there are listened to and valued.

Vanessa - Professional Model

Vanessa a current Ignite Personal Training client

£65 for two people

Train with a partner, friend or family member. We will make the sessions fun and challenging for both of you. The benefits of buddy training are that you have each other for accountability and encouragement.

Woman training with Tim

IGNITE Group 2+
£75 a session (£10 per additional person up to 5)

If you want to train with a small group of friends our Ignite Group 2+ Personal Training is ideal. Bring up to four friends and train together.

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