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Tim and Karlene at Onfirefitness honestly know their stuff. And they actually, genuinely care - about you and your fitness. Their attitude and approach to training goes to show that you can absolutely still learn and progress, regardless of how many years you may have been training. They cater to all abilities. It's amazing to see that you can still be humbled by a simple lump of metal. I can not recommend them enough!

Jamie Howden


All in just 8 weeks 🤟 All you need is the right medicine 💪 Thank-you Onfirefitness - Winchester & Onfirefitness/ Female Instructor. I’ve been doing kettlebell training for about 8 weeks and the shoulder pain I have had for 11 years, after damaging it due to poor positioning while feeding my oldest child, has completed disappeared. I can now even sleep on it, I haven’t been able to sleep in my left side in 11 years 😁😁.  I absolutely love this class, you guys are fabulous instructors and it’s such a friendly and encouraging group ❤️💕💙 Awesome 👍

Client M

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