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Meet the Team

We are a husband and wife duo who share a love and passion for keeping active and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. 

Our fitness journey began in 2012 when Tim first qualified as a Fitness Instructor and launched our first ever outdoor Bootcamps, which were a massive hit! Karlene would often help out with the sessions, alongside working her part-time job, but later decided to take the leap and quit her job to qualify as a Fitness Instructor herself, before coming on board On Fire Fitness, full time!

We are incredibly proud of the community we have built and absolutely love what we do, which we hope shows, through our practise and our dedication to bettering the lives of our clients.


Founder of Onfirefitness,Tim has taken to a love for Kettlebell training, a unique form of exercise which combines traditional forms of training, with a modern twist. 

With 10 years of experience in the health & fitness industry, it’s safe to say that Tim is a fountain of knowledge and has a broad range of understanding of individuals’ needs and goals and how to help you reach them. 


*Kettlebell Instructor with Strongfirst SFG1

*Kettlebell Instructor - {Future Fit}

*Level 2 fitness Instructor - {CYQ}

*Level 3 Personal Training & Nutrition - {CYQ}

*Boxercise Instructor 

*kickboxercise Instructor

*Former ABA Boxing level one coach {currently not affiliated with any boxing gym or the British Boxing Association 



Co-founder of Onfirefitness.

With multiple years of experience in the fitness industry, Karlene has become a font of knowledge in her area of work.

Karlene is particularly interested in working with women 40+ to help them regain their confidence, health and strength through weight lifting. 

Working with her, you’ll discover the endless benefits of lifting weights, whilst having great fun doing it. Her goal is to reduce the barriers between women and weight lifting and to dispel the myths surrounding them. Don’t worry ladies… Karlene’s got you covered!


*Level 2 fitness Instructor - {CYQ}

*Level 3 Personal Training & Nutrition - {CYQ}

*Kettlercise Instructor 

*Bootcamp, Kettlebell, Sculpt & Tone Class Instructor @ Winchester Racquets & Fitness

*Shapeup4life Health & Wellness Coach 

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